Buckfunster Miller

I coined the pseudonym Buckfunster Miller in about 1975 when I was experimenting with the Pyramid as an architectural form for houses and greenhouses. (Somewhere I must have the diagram I drew of the letter-swapping.)

Swapping MI and FU

In 1976, I made a 'Buckfunster Miller' calling card for The Pyramid Project.

The Pyramid Project calling card with Green rectangle added.

In 1978, I filed a copyright for a geometric design I called "Synergy" consisting of nested polygons, and included the pseudonym on that application. (I had first drawn the design in 1973.) You can see it on my Trees page, under Nested Polygon Sequences. [LINK]

My friends loved the name, and called me 'Buckfunster' for years.

See the Bucky page for the story of Fuller's reaction to this card, and pseudonym. [LINK]

Pyramid Houses

This was a particular house I designed.

3 Storie Pyramid House designed by Miller.

See link below on Pyramid Design.


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