"Efforts to increase ridership on the #39 to help keep the route alive," since 2005.

Extending Line #39 to Hillsdale

A Working Group of citizens and college staff proposed a modified route that has improved the usefulness and performance of the #39. The FIRST RIDE for the #39 commenced Sunday Morning, June 4th, 2006, at 11:29, departing fom Lewis & Clark College! TriMet has Transit Tracker and Trip Planner working with the new route, so there's no excuse — Get on the bus!

The New Route

Working Title: Small Loop via Spring Garden
Reversing along Spring Garden back to L&C

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Supporting Information

Background and Context

Route Segments

There were four aspects of the route that we had to evaluate and choose between.

Other Routes Considered

The descriptions, Pros, and Cons of these previously considered routes are from earlier incarnations of this web page. Each route has a separate page. Alternatives 5, 6, and 7 are on paper maps only at this time. This is background, historical info only, for the record of the project.

Working NameProposedWithdrawnWho
1. Hillsdale CounterClockwise mm/ddmm/ddMiller
2. Lasso Hillsdale-Multnomah mm/ddmm/ddMiller
3. Hillsdale Clockwise mm/ddmm/ddDave & Dixie
4. Two Way Hillsdale-Multnomah mm/ddmm/ddMiller
5. Safeway mm/dd08/01/05Don Baack
6. SW Community Center mm/dd08/01/05Zach Horowitz
7. Split Center 7/12/0508/01/05Bryan Backler
8. #139 = #1 Vermont + #39 08/01/05mm/ddTriMet
9. Two Way via Spring Garden mm/ddmm/ddGroup
10. Two Way via Terwilliger mm/ddmm/ddGroup
11. Small Loop Spring Garden** mm/dd-Group
12. Large Loop Spring Garden + Terwilliger --Weiss/Baack
**This is actually the winning route.

Historical note

There was an Open House on Feb 25th and 27th, 2009... TriMet is holding a number of open houses about proposed service cuts, including weekend service on Line #39. TriMet is proposing discontinuing Saturday and Sunday service due to low ridership, and the economic recession.

Here are some comments about that.. [Link]

Weekend Service on Line #39 was cut that year, and never restored.

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