The Unexpected Indictment

This page accompanies a "Weekly Zoom Social", held Sunday, April 16, 2023.

Keynote Presentation

Here you will find The Unexpected Indictment Keynote slides and presenter's notes as a [PDF].

Discussion at end

The Fortune Cookie opened at the end read: "Only in mathematics (and formal logic) are proofs absolutely certain."

JM: I recommend reading all the definitions of "Expect".

JM: I recommend reading Martin's chapter/column the for historical context he provided. For example, the origins of it with the announcement of a Civil Air Defense drill in UK, in 1948.

The illustrations in the book are those from Mathematical Games in SciAm. The artist was Joe Kaufman.

The discussion diverged to current news about AI, and the implications. Perhaps a good subject for a future G4G Weekender discussion! Wait, is Sunday the first day of the week, or the last? LOL

Robert Orndorff (in chat). ChatGPT/Bing: "I’m sorry but I cannot provide a numerical likelihood that you will be indicted if someone says that your indictment tomorrow is unexpected. The word “unexpected” does not provide any information about the probability of an event happening or not happening 1. It only means that the event was not anticipated or predicted."

Robert Orndorff: Here's the ChatGPT 'kill vs insult' post: [LINK]

More from the discussion will be added as we recollect. JM 4/16/23.

Unexpected Hanging...

ICYMI, Martin Gardner wrote about the Unexpected Hanging paradox.

The Unexpected Hanging Cover


A link appears with each reference, to the source.

A Langford Quilt was hung in the background during my talk. [LINK]


We leave you with this Illusion.

Schrodinger's cat illusion, unattributed! Sorry.

And, with Raymond Smullyan — who famously asked: "Why should I worry about dying? It's not going to happen in my Lifetime!"