OpEd Opinions, Letters, and Blogs I've written

These are opinions expressed about events of the world, America, The Pacific Northwest, Oregon, Portland, maybe even Southwest Portland. Maybe even my own front yard.

Keep Urban Natural Areas safe from Mountain Bikes!
My detailed comments on the Off-Road Cycling Master Plan [ORCMP] follow, ending with four action items for the City of Portland and Metro.

Mountain Bikes don't belong in Natural Areas
Mountain Bikes are an intrusion on wildlife habitats, and they disturb the peace and quiet local natural areas offer to humans who visit them.

A Case Against Mountain Biking in Natural Areas
Single track high-speed downhill flow trails for Mountain Bikes don't belong in protected natural areas.

The Battle for Our Public Lands
The Über conservative (eg Tea Party) and über wealthy (eg Koch Bros) are makin' a grab for public lands, using every trick in the book.

Will Mountain Bikers Overwhelm Protected Natural Areas?
Droves of Mountain Bikers (MTBs) may be coming soon to a natural area near you, if their lobbyists prevail.

Portland Tribune Editorial on the RVNAMP

Portland reservoir pee math works out in City Hall's favor: Guest opinion
April 24, 2014
With one act of public urination, a recent high school graduate stimulated more math and logic activity than the organizers of Math Awareness Month ever could have hoped.

I started a Blog on Blogger in response to a challenge in the Oregonian - everybody should create a blog.
It's called World Remixed, TOWARD AN ORGANIC WORLD MODEL.

On Timberline Lodge
May 2005
Prepared for the 50th anniversary of RLK Company.

Some Civic Brainstorming
October ~12, 2002
Comments submitted to Oregonian. (I don't recall is it was published.)

Regional Transportation Plan
November 16, 1999
Comments submitted to Metro.

The South/North light rail alignment
June 1998
Use people movers instead of crossing Willamette twice.

May 1998
Letter to President Clinton following the shootings at Springfield High School

Gasoline is a Drug
September 1990
An OpEd I wrote about the evils of petrol. Printed in Oregonian.

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